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Back in the medieval ages, people from lower social ranks were issuing out loud the wedding invitations or to put it simple, they were verbalized, because they didn’t had the proper education to read and to write them. The members from the aristocracy and royal families, especially the English and French aristocracies, often used the wedding invitations as a form of entertainment and they are the ones responsible for making them popular; so popular that by the beginning of the twentieth century almost all people from all social ranks could afford sending wedding invitations or use the cheapest alternative: making the wedding announcement in a newspaper.
Even after all these centuries, the wedding invitation still remains the best method to announce a wedding. The e-mail or other newer technological methods of sharing personal information could be regarded as alternatives to those old wedding invitations but I sincerely don’t recommend them.

First, because the wedding is a special day and to announce it you need something special and classic such as the invitation card handed directly to the guest or by using the postal services and second, the internet, for example, is not such a reliable source to share information and it is too simple to issue an invitation by using it.

Today, the simple and white wedding invitation card with hand written text, even though it still has its adepts, was mostly replaced by the colorful and patterned wedding invitation designs with a printed text. The hand written text with an intricate calligraphy style is an expensive method but it has a cheaper alternative: the thermography, a printing method with a raised letter effect.

The wording etiquette demands the use of a formal language to issue the invitations especially for the adult reception on wedding invitations but you can also be creative with words and issue them by using an informal, non-traditional language.

No matter what is you choice, remember that the invitation must contain the basic information about the wedding ceremony and reception or party, such as the names of the bride and groom, the names of the wedding hosts or the couple’s families, the location and address of the ceremony and reception, the date and time, an RSVP for attendance responses or the expression “Regrets Only” if you are expecting only for the non-attendance responses, and other details such as some directional signs or a printed map for the wedding location, the theme of the wedding and some suggestions about the wedding attire, etc.

If you would prefer no children to attend your wedding reception it is best to share this information by word via the family members, before the actual wedding day. It is socially impolite and considered as a sign of disrespect to write “no children please” on the invitations; the alternative is to write “Adults Only Reception” on the wedding invitations or simply “Adults only”, on a separate card with details about the location of the reception, the time and date.

For the informal wedding invitations with an adult reception, it is not necessary to mention the names of the wedding hosts, usually being the bride’s parents, because there are cases when the bride and groom decide to pay for their own wedding or receive just a small financial support from both their families.

The designs, shapes, sizes and color combinations are so numerous that you might find it hard to choose one single favorite design for you wedding; you have two options: to purchase the invitation directly from online manufacturers or the choose for a personalized wedding invitations. The first option is cheaper and faster because the samples are already available for order on the internet but with the personalized invitation you can be sure that they will be unique and one-of-a-kind.11

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