Adolfo Dominguez Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 20 2020 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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For modern brides who are looking for a chic and simplistic type of wedding dress to wear at the wedding might want to take a look at these special and pretty Adolfo Dominguez wedding dresses presented below on this page. This article and as well as these delicate dresses here are dedicated to all casual or simple kind of brides who are planning a less sophisticated and less elaborated wedding.


Contrary to what many might think, not all brides of today are interested in wearing something pompous, ample and extravagant on the wedding day. It’s true that the majority of brides today are attracted to everything that is big, lavish and grandiose or outstanding where the princess ball gown wedding dresses are the ones that set the trends. But there are also many women out there waiting to see more beautiful and romantic types of simple and clean haute couture wedding dresses made especially for intimate or informal ceremonies and receptions. This is why we though to offer you here a few samples of our favorite types of Adolfo Dominguez wedding dresses that are designed with maximum care and attention to details in order to provide the bride who decides to wear one of these with both comfort and a glamorous look.

There is no doubt that behind this minimalist beauty reflected by these designer dresses here there is a lot of work and time invested especially in creating the simple, feminine and chic silhouettes. We adore the refined and soft strass embroideries, details and accents made on some of these Adolfo Dominguez wedding dresses here.

Those who are interested in seeing more of this bridal couturier’s wonderful pieces should browse for this designer’s newest 2011 bridal collection on his official website. We have a feeling that you are going to love these precious gowns once you will get the chance to examine them closely and understand their formality or the role they can play in a wedding ceremony.

Those of you who consider these dresses too simple, clean and plain for a wedding might find them instead adequate for evening reception parties or for destination casual weddings. We think that every dress designed by a clever famous designer has its own place in a certain type of wedding and it can fit a certain category of brides. This collection contains lots of rich and elaborated gowns which can be more fitted and flattering for the sophisticated brides who are interested in wearing something more extravagant and exquisite on the day.

We adore this bridal couturier’s original style of creating these old fashion ‘20s inspired wedding gowns that can fit not only the vintage brides but also the traditional ones who are dreaming of an authentic classic look for the wedding day. We love how the modern draping style combines very delicately and subtle with the old glamour silhouettes and sparkling sequin embellishment patterns. The predominant types of fabrics used in these precious Adolfo Dominguez wedding dresses are: silk, organza, chiffon and lace.11


  1. Sierra

    January 25, 2011 at 9:39 am

    I like these gowns. They are beautiful. Even the first one, which is not really my type. And the others I like because of their lines. They are fluid and simple, which is totally what I have in mind for my own wedding, considering the fact that i could not wear other kind of line Too tight dresses do not suit me, ball gowns seem too uncomfortable for me, while short dresses are not a choice for a wedding. I especially like the second dress, with the short V-neck and the wide waist band. It’s so simple and at the same time so chic and so comfortable. And it is also naturally flowing, if I can say this.

  2. melody

    May 18, 2011 at 3:07 am

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