80’s Hair Style Wedding

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If you are planning a vintage wedding, I recommend you to consider using some inspiration from the ‘80s even for your wedding hairstyle. Hairstyle trends come and go, but not all deserve to be revived. So, for your vintage wedding you should take a hairstyle from the ‘80s but actually use it only after you get it up to date. Classic looks paired with modern touches will always lead to interesting results perfect for the unconventional and modern bride.

Because in the ‘80s crimping was extremely popular, you should consider getting a crimping iron and taking your hair’s texture and look to the ‘80s. Fortunately, in this decade we have available much safer hair products able to keep the annoying frizz away, so you will definitely manage to look incredible. What you shouldn’t do is try to turn the crimped locks in a half up-do or, even worse, in a ponytail. That’s because you will end up reminding too much of the ’80s. On the other hand, if you want your look to be more contemporary you should consider crimping only certain strands of hair and integrating them in a more modern-looking hairstyle.

80's Hair Style Wedding

80's Hair Style Wedding (Photo by: Denise Mahoney)

Curls also remind of the ‘80s and are extremely popular when it comes to weddings. That means you will be able to easily blend your love for the ‘80s with the hairstyle that promises to work for your wedding. What you will have to do is rely on hair rollers or a modern curling iron in order to obtain perfectly defined curls that can be easily incorporated into a more sophisticated hairstyle. This time the possibilities are endless and vary from natural looks to sophisticated up-dos, perfect for an elegant wedding and a princess style wedding dress.

Also popular in the ‘80s was hair teasing. Hair volume is of interest even nowadays when the market accommodates a wide variety of quality products meant to help us achieve our goal. So, you should definitely combine backcombing with hair teasing and design a sophisticated and good-looking hairstyle, perfect for securing a long veil. Just make sure you use teasing with moderation if you don’t want to remind too much of the ‘80s.

For the daring brides who are interested in a unique wedding day look I recommend colorful hair locks which were also popular in the ‘80s. By the side of a professional hairstylist you will be able to discover the perfect cut and the locks that are worth coloring in different hues in order to obtain an out of the ordinary look.


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