8 Elegant Wedding Flutes For Your Big Day

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Whether you decide to purchase them as a gift for a newly engaged couple, for a future bridal shower or you’re buying them for your own wedding or engagement party, wedding flutes should be elegant and representative of whom you are as a couple. Some of you may think that a simple pair of glasses can’t say much about you and your future spouse, but the variety of this product is really overwhelming.

8 Ideas for Elegant Wedding Flutes

Whether you decide to purchase them as a gift for a newly engaged couple, for a future bridal shower or you’re buying them for your own wedding or engagement party, wedding flutes should be elegant and representative of whom you are as a couple. Some of you may think that a simple pair of glasses can’t say much about you and your future spouse, but the variety of this product is really overwhelming.

From simple, crystal clear flutes, to sapphire pairs adorned with Swarovski crystals, wedding champagne flutes can be personalized up to the point where they are even engraved with your name or your wedding date. Wedding flutes engraved with your name are actually more affordable, mostly because huge manufacturers, the ones that make the more expensive flutes, don’t usually provide this service. This means that you have to draw your attention to the more mainstream wedding flutes.

Your wedding flutes should be nothing short of elegant, since they even have a strong meaning. Champagne flutes are a symbol of personal achievement. As most dream interpreters will tell you, if you dream of drinking from an adorned champagne flute, this is a sign of prosperity on a personal level. If you are being joined by co-workers or colleagues, it’s also a sign of professional achievement.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Sapphire Wedding Toasting Flutes

Waterford Crystal Lismore Sapphire Flute
By far one of the best choices in terms of wedding flutes, the Waterford Crystal Lismore Sapphire Flute Pair. They will add a tint of color to your wedding tabletop, thanks to the deep sapphire blue that matches almost any wedding dress. This pair measures 11 x 6.2 x 14.1 inches and weighs about 1 pound. The fine crystal of these flutes should be hand washed in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a lint free cloth. We don’t recommend using a dishwasher to clean your crystal as it can dull and damage the surface.

Waterford wedding flutes are amongst the most popular one in the world. The company was founded by William and George Penrose. The Penrose brothers opened the first glassmaking factory in Waterford in 1783, where their work was immediately recognized for its clarity and purity of color.

Amongst the buyers, you can discover true Waterford enthusiasts which have acquired similar flute pair in other available colors, such as red or amethyst. While they are a great choice for wedding toasts, these wedding flute sets can be used for any toasting occasion or even as a collector’s item.

Customers are satisfied with the sturdy wrapping of the package, which includes bubble wrap for further product safety. Currently, the best deal is available on Amazon (click here) and there are only 3 pairs left in stock.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Crimson Toasting Flutes for Wedding

Priced at $130, the Waterford Crystal Lismore Crimson Flute Pair makes a fine choice for those looking for wedding toasting flutes, flutes for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, engagement parties and any other romantic occasion. These flutes are made of premium crimson and clear lead crystal. The classic Lismore pattern combines diamond and wedge cuts to create this wedding flute set which is washable only by hand.

Customer reviews for the product are mostly positive, being described as wedding champagne flutes of good quality. However, some customers were not entirely satisfied with the purchase, complaining about the color of the set. According to one customer, the glasses are rather a dark pink rather than the deep ruby depicted in the photo listed on the product page. This set is often purchased together with the Waterford Crystal Lismore Sapphire Flute Pair and the Waterford Toasting Flutes, Set of 2 Lismore Amethyst. Only 9 sets are left in stock on Amazon (click here).

Waterford Lismore Wedding Toasting Flutes, Set of 2

Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes
Fans of Waterford’s wedding flutes sets now have a choice to buy this clear pair of wedding champagne flutes in classic Lismore pattern. The trumpets were cut with diamonds and wedges to result in this wedding flute set which stands at 9-1/4 inches high. Right now, the best offer you can find is on Amazon (click here).

While the reviews for these wedding flutes sets are mostly positive, there are people who have complained of their package having arrived in bad conditions, even with the glasses being shattered and therefore destroyed. Others have complained of the glasses having chipped edges and even the packaging not being an original Waterford box. The positive reviews are mostly related to the popularity of the brand, the elegance of the product and the price, considered affordable by many customers.

Since its beginnings, Waterford has exponentially expanded its offerings beyond traditional stemware to embrace and complete the luxury lifestyle experience. Today, Waterford brand products include: stemware and barware, fine china and flatware, vases, bowls and centerpieces, collectibles, wedding and anniversary gifts and more.

Love Forever wedding flutes sets

Love Forever Champagne Flute
Another set from the Waterford collection, the Love Forever Champagne Flute set are packaged in premium, hinged gift boxes.

The high-quality of the crystal has made customers happy. Most of them compliment the packaging, which seems to inspire elegance. A lot of people chose to purchase these toasting flutes for wedding parties as a wedding gift or a bridal shower gift. However, they are also suitable for engagement parties, but also for other non-wedding related events. You can find them on Amazon.

Known as a city in Ireland, Waterford is also one of the most popular glass-making companies worldwide. The company of Waterford was first established in 1783 on land adjacent to Merchants’ Quay in the heart of the Irish harbor town of Waterford, just minutes from the present day House of Waterford Crystal. Its founders were brothers, William and George Penrose, important developers and principal exporters in the city.

Crystal Champagne Glasses by Vindi Design

Crystal Champagne Glasses Vindi Design
Since simplicity is translated into elegance, the Vindi wedding flutes are a suitable choice for anyone looking to spare a buck to go the extra mile. Whether you are looking for a pair of wedding champagne flutes, a gift for a wedding, engagement, baby shower, thank you gift or just a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life, the Vindi Design champagne flutes are worth a shot.

These crystal toasting flutes for wedding parties subtly sport the emblem of the hummingbird. You can find the symbol on the bottom of the base and at the top of the stem as you look down into the champagne glass. Vindi has chosen the hummingbird as a symbol for a very specific reason. It is the only bird in the world that can hover, fly backwards and change direction almost instantly, setting themselves apart from all other species.

This wedding flutes set comes in a black box, suitable for any occasion and which doesn’t require any extra gift packaging. People have described these glasses as being strong and durable, beautifully crafted and they strongly appreciate the unique silver leaf stem. For more details such as price or delivery times, check out the product page on Amazon (click here).

Waterford Jim O’Leary Lismore Celebrations Toasting Flute Glass

Waterford Jim O'leary Lismore Celebrations
Waterford Crystal is one of the few companies today that still practices the ancient craft of mold making. Very little has changed over the centuries: wood molds and hand tools of beech and pear woods are used by their master blowers to shape the molten crystal. Due to the searing heat of the crystal, these molds have a life span of just 7-10 days. Using a furnace that reaches temperatures of 2,400 degrees F, Waterford craftsmen manipulate and transform molten balls of glowing, red hot crystal to reveal the shapes of Waterford Crystal. This is just a small part of the heritage that Waterford is known for.

As part of the Jim O’Leary Lismore Celebrations collection, this Waterford wedding flutes set is a popular choice amongst people who are looking to buy such an item, even with a gifting intention. With positive reviews from its customers, the stock now bears only 1 more set of Waterford Jim O’Leary Lismore Celebrations Toasting Flute Glass (click here for the product’s page).

Olivia Riegel Celebration Flute Pair

Olivia Riegel Celebration Flute Pair
We draw our attention from the Waterford collection to bring you a different kind of wedding flute set: those from the Olivia Riegel collection. Decorative artist Jon Morris Olivia Riegel in 2000 as a tribute to his grandmother: a consummate collector of chic costume jewelry. His vision was to offer customers elegant bejeweled objects that incorporate vintage details with a modern sensibility. This vision continues as Jon’s designs are translated into a rich collection of handcrafted home décor, giftware, bridal goods, and women’s accessories.

This hand-enameled set of wedding flutes includes Swarovski crystals and measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 10.2 inches. It can hold up to 8 oz. of champagne and it comes with a signature box included, which makes this set suitable for a wedding, engagement, anniversary or bridal shower gift. The design of these flutes stands out from a crowd of heart-shaped engravings which are common for wedding champagne flutes. This silver-tone filigree finish flute pair is also popular with the customers who have expressed their satisfaction especially towards the rather unique design of the flutes. Check out details like price, stock, etc. on the product’s page over here.

Duchesse Encore Toasting Champagne Flute Glass

Duchesse Encore Toasting Champagne Flutes
This pair of lavender crystal toasting flutes designed by Vera Wang and manufactured by Wedgwood is a smart choice in terms of wedding flutes. Vera Wang, a name who needs no introduction in the wedding industry, is responsible with design of the flutes. Wedgwood, the manufacturer, was born in 1759, when Josiah Wedgwood, aged just 29, started as an independent potter in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. He began to experiment avidly with clay, exploring its many possibilities. During his lifetime he invented and produced three of Wedgwood’s most famous ceramic bodies – Queen’s Ware (1762), Black Basalt (1768) and Jasper (1774). These remain famous to this day.

Since 1940, at the Wedgwood factory at Barlaston, England, modern technology combines with the ancient skills of throwing, modeling and decorating. These skills are preserved through an apprenticeship program, reintroduced to meet the growing global demand for some of Wedgwood’s most exclusive signature pieces. Apprentices train for up to 10 years to become Master Craftspeople. With 2 strong names combined, the Duchesse Encore Toasting Champagne Flute set delivers. You can find the best price for them here.

Wedding flutes are an important part of the wedding ceremony. Amongst the large number of sorts of glasses such as crystal, glass, plastics and metals, crystal wedding toasting flutes are a top rated preferred by most pairs given that they possess outstanding attraction. Getting engraved with names and dates, they are really things to keep.

Since they will be in all the wedding toast pictures, the flutes need to depict elegancy, be chosen with good taste and in a color that matches the bridal wedding dress and/or the overall décor of the wedding. When your ceremony is finished, you can add them to your glassware collections or hold them in a display which keeps them safe from breaking.

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