60th Wedding Anniversary

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60 years feels like a lifetime. If you have managed to keep a marriage for such a long time, you sure are couple to envy and also to praise. It looks like true love has found you and you should do your best to celebrate it on this extraordinary 60th wedding anniversary.

Traditional options
Marriages have made a career in the public opinion just as divorces did. Therefore, it feels like there would be no wedding anniversary not to have its specificity and a series of symbols and recommended gifts.

60th Wedding Anniversary

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What could be more appropriate to offer your loved one on your 60th wedding anniversary if not something that embodies an unconquerable and enduring accessory? This is what the “diamond” word meant at its Greek origin. Nevertheless, another reason that recommends them so intensively is the fact that diamonds are also a symbol of the constant flame that love lights up inside our hearts. But if the diamond is both a traditional and a modern anniversary gift and, in addition, the gemstone associated with the event, the color would be white. Because nothing said anything about flowers, feel free to use whatever species you like, or your life partner likes. The formula with one flower for every decade spent together, or the more expensive one, with 60 flowers for 60 years of marriage are more than welcome.

Modern options
If only everyone would have had financial possibilities in order to offer diamonds on such special occasions… The less fortunate people from this point of view can choose to celebrate it in any other way. Natural diamonds can be replaced with glass diamonds for a symbolic gift. You two know each other since almost no one can remember. Your relationship is special enough to feel comfortable with each other and, more important, sincere. Why would you not spoil yourself with a trip in a special place, or with a joyful family party that can reunite even your grandchildren? All the symbols you cannot afford to literally have can be used as decors.

60th Wedding Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary from binbin.net

Have fun by listening the famous songs of your youth or by watching a video editing of your past experiences by reuniting all sorts of photos. You do not need diamond rings, wristwatches decorated with diamonds or diamond ornaments to know and to feel you have spent 60 years together. Just do whatever you want to do and take into consideration your health condition because these are definitely times when you are not that young and agile.

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