50th Wedding Anniversary – Celebration Of Love

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A 50th anniversary party is a golden celebration of Love. 50 years spent together in a happy marriage is a significant realization in one`s life. Couples, which have lived together for such a long period usually know the secret of life. It seems to be a secret, but it is actually a pretty obvious one. People, who have received the gift of living in harmony with their inner Self are able to engage in long term relationships also.

They can live in peace, love and devotion, sharing all their love and kindness with their life mates. So, it is no secret the way in which they could survive so many years together. The question does not actually refer to surviving but rather to living in a continuous challenge and adventure in a simple Unity and Togetherness. They lived united, but usually as very strong and individual personalities. Only mature and still open minded, openhearted people can accept the faults and the mistakes of one another.

A 50th wedding anniversary is a golden anniversary of all the years spent together, of all the common memories and achievements, of all the goals and victories fought and won together, and even of their hopes and wishes for their life. It is an optimistic and positive consideration of everything they got, and most of all, of everything they have become during their years marriage. It is not only about family, children and grandchildren, not only about a successful vocation, not only about their hobbies and their friends.

These couples are winners despite their losses and failures. Even if there are many unfilled dreams in their lives, they got each other which means that they got that higher Self which is full of love and devotion, which makes them extraordinary good life partners. They got a gift of appreciation towards others and of acceptance just like real Love does. Their anniversary party is a joyful celebration of Love. They might have lost many battles in their lives, but acted with compassion and understanding, they acted just like humans do: they had emotions, dreams, ambitions, goals and a lot of good and bad moods on their weekdays.

Both of them went through many changes, but never gave up loving each other. This battle of darkness and light will go on until their last breath. “Until death may part us.” – they swore the oath of love and devotion 50 years ago. Now they are celebrating their fidelity, their honor, their joy and their precious gifts and talents, their precious emotions and thoughts, everything worth being kept and preserved for another 50 years of marriage. This might be a joke, but these kinds of couples are really optimistic and they are so alive! They go shopping, they take care of their flowers in the garden, they do some sport, maybe swimming or jogging, etc.

The custom of the silver-wedding day and golden wedding-day is original from the medieval Germany. Couples celebrating their 50th anniversary have a lot of reason to have fun during their celebration party. The precious gifts that they usually receive at their party are offered in a generally kind and joyful atmosphere. If you are one of those couples, you will need some good music in order to have a brilliant golden wedding day. Try to choose a few meaningful songs in order to express the golden values of your relationship. Make your choice for time-honored classics, some of them might be as old as your relationship. They could be even your favorite songs from childhood. Anything is allowed. You are winners!

Your 50th wedding anniversary music should be tender. Your love is now just as a ripe fruit tree. Do you know the love song entitled “You Are so Beautiful” performed by Joe Cocker? Your husband might sing this special song to you on your anniversary day. It is so lovely! Or you might enjoy the Stevie Wonder song, which is also entitled “You are the Sunshine of my Life.” Love can make wonders. You could become who you are today, as you’ve been loved by your life mate. Don`t forget to say Thank You!

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