50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

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Whenever there is a celebration involved you know there must be cake. Cakes have different shapes, themes and colors. They are usually chosen to math the theme of a wedding or any type of celebration, in this case a 50 year wedding anniversary. There are no rules when it comes to cakes. You can do whatever goes through your mind. Since it is an anniversary the cake should of course have a normal size. Not to big not to small. The color is up to you. You can go for the traditional white one or dark chocolate or you can try and use some colors. If you are celebrating your anniversary in a very summer location like the beach you can try some colors like blue, yellow and various bright colors. If you are having a fall wedding anniversary try some reds and oranges.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes (Source: media.cakecentral.com)

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes (Source: media.cakecentral.com)

As for the flavors they can be endless. You will need to taste a few before deciding. You can combine chocolate with various fruits, you can have a vanilla cake or maybe some unique tastes. Now for the decorations part. You can use your imagination to decorate the cakes however you want. You can go for the traditional flower cake shaped as a cascade or some funny looking decorations like small pumpkins, leaves, fruits and other marzipan ornaments. You can put fresh fruits on the cake or try some edible decorations made out of different flavors. You can also use your picture as the main topper of the cake.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes (Source: media.cakecentral.com)

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes (Source: media.cakecentral.com)

Or you can purchase some funny looking toppers from various websites that sell these items. As for the shape of the cake you can go for a round one or a square one. You can even have a heart shaped cake or other fun designs like a picture frame or maybe two wedding bands. Just keep in mind that the more complex and interesting the design of the cake is the more money you will have to pay. Cakes can become true works of art but this implies time and dedication not to mention extra costs. So the simpler the cake the less money you will have to spend. But you only celebrate once your 50 anniversary.


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