5 Sexy Honeymoon Activities

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Traditionally, and practically, many couples do not leave for their honeymoon on their wedding night. Often, there are many things that a couple will have to do in the days following the wedding, such as returning rented tuxes, and it only once these little things are done that they can start to think about their honeymoon. Many couple will also postpone their honeymoon for financial reasons, but remember that the purpose of a honeymoon is not to spend money. You don’t even have to leave the country in order to have a beautiful and romantic honeymoon; all that matters is that the newlywed couple want to take advantage for the few days together.

The idea of a honeymoon originates in the Scandinavian countries during the middle ages, where the newlywed bride and groom were locked in a house after their wedding and didn’t leave for a month. During this month period, they drank a honey drink, which was supposed to add to their fertility. No matter how much they might want to, few couples today can really spend an entire month on holiday. Even so, the important thing is that couples do make time to spend a few days together following this special day in their lives. Regardless of the duration of your honeymoon here are some ideas for sensual ideas that you and your partner can engage in.

1. Get food delivered to your room
For at least one of the days of your trip, spend it together entirely within the four walls of your room. Surprisingly, this is actually a wonderful opportunity to try the best of local food in the privacy of your own room. Ask the staff where you are staying to suggest places, which have this service available so that you do not have to leave the room. Take full advantage of this precious time together and fully enjoy each other’s company and attention.

2. Schedule a day full of adrenaline fueling activities

Whether you’re spending your honeymoon in the mountains or by the sea, you will be sure to find some activities for you both that will have your hearts pounding. Skydiving, flying in a hot air balloon, climbing, and water sports are just some examples of activities that will get your blood pumping as well as weld you together as a team.

3. Go out to dance

Even if you have been together for twenty years, dancing is one of the simplest ways to bring some life back into your romance. Do some research to find a club or a restaurant that plays music to both of your tastes so that you can dance the night away. As well as being a lot of fun, it will also be exciting as well as sensual!

4. Get a couples massage
It is said that a couple that go to the spa together, stay together. Most hotels who specialise in honeymoon stays will offer sensual spa treatments that involve both partners. Such an activity demonstrates the openness and comfortableness that exists in your relationship, as well as relaxing you both. If the idea of being massaged by a stranger is uncomfortable then choose instead to massage each other.

5. Take the opportunity to wear sexy underwear

A lot of the sexy underwear out there is not easy to wear in everyday life but is perfect for romantic occasions including honeymoons. Invest in some to bring along with you to add some excitement to your trip away together.

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