5 Most Expensive Weddings Of All Time

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Weddings are the most celebrated events in any person’s life and it is no secret that some people tend to exaggerate and spend a great deal of money on organizing them. In the past, most people preferred simple, classic and discrete weddings, but these days, some folks spend a small fortune on this big day. Either they do it for the publicity, to show off, or to reconfirm their financial and social status. People as the ones we are going to talk about, love to be the center of attention and have a satisfactory feeling as they are being envied for being able to have the classiest of wedding. Of course, most of the people who can afford such extravagances are celebrities, business tycoons and royal families.

If you thought you’ve seen it all, here is our top 5 most expensive weddings of all time!

5. Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mevinsky – $5 Million

Cchelsea Cclinton Marc Mezvinsky Expensive Wedding

We start light with what Chelsea and Marc consider an ‘on budget wedding’. The couple got married in 2010 in court. The wedding ceremony and reception were luxurious and appreciated by lots of critics. The bride’s wedding dress was worth admiring and it was created by a famous designer, in Silk Organza material. The wedding cake was quite huge, had multiple flavors in order to satisfy all tastes, and it cost $11,000. The couple also spent $600,000 in air-conditioned tents. The whole view of the ceremony looks like some fairy tale, as the venue was decorated with white expensive flowers. Chelsea and Marc spent ‘only’ $5 million on their wedding day, but compared to other celebrity weddings, they were quite thrifty.

4. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – $10 Million


Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries in 2011. Their wedding was an event that every major magazine and entertainment outlet wanted to cover. Still, the couple didn’t pay for much of the bill since E! News covered most of the bill in an agreement that they had over the rights to air the wedding, which had a record-breaking 10 million viewers tuning in. The couple banked nearly $18 million for selling the rights to their wedding photos. The couple had one of the shortest celebrity marriages ever, lasting a total of 72 days.

3. Wayne Rooney & Coleen Mcloughlin – $15 million


If the previous wedding bill did not impress you that much, try to add another $5 million. Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mcloughlin spent $15 million on their wedding. This couple started their relationship when they were 16.  Their wedding ceremony was one to remember, as it lasted for 4 whole days. It took place in Villa Durazzo in Portofino Italy. Before the start of their wedding, the couple and their 65 guests went to Genoa to celebrate on the yacht. Everyone stayed on that yacht for some days, but they were accommodated in luxurious hotels as well. The bride spent almost $4 million on her wedding dress which was designed by Georgia Chapman’s Marchesa label.

2. Prince William and Kate Middleton – $34 Million

Prince William Kate Middleton Expensive Wedding

Their wedding is considered to be the biggest events in the last decade. Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, in the historic Westminster Abby. The ceremony was televised all over the world and had an estimate of 2 billion people watching it. The couple had three guest lists: the first one contained 1900 names invited to the ceremony, the second one approximately 600 people invited to the luncheon at Buckingham Palace and the third list consisted of 300 to attend a dinner hosted by the Prince of Whales. They ended up spending about $800,000 on flowers $80,000 for the cake. The total cost of this royal wedding was around $34 million.

1. Lady Diana and Prince Charles – about $110 Million

Princess Diana Prince Charles Expensive Wedding

This couple is the most famous couple in the world and their wedding was discussed and expected by everyone. The ceremony took place in 1981, had almost 3500 guests and was live on TV all around the world. It was watched globally by an estimated 750 million viewers. Diana’s ring was extremely expensive and had almost 14 solitaire diamonds on it. Her dress was made by a famous designer and it was decorated with precious stones. The couple cut almost 27 cakes that were made in 14 weeks. As it was a pure royal wedding and cost about $110 million.

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