40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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The 40th wedding anniversary is a very important milestone that few couples can achieve and that is why it has to be celebrated with an amazing party. A wedding anniversary party is the perfect opportunity for the couple to celebrate their love and respect together, as well as the shared memories they have spent. This article offers you some fantastic 40th wedding anniversary party ideas you can try for your own party.


When organizing your wedding anniversary party, you have to know that after deciding on the place and time of your party you have to take care of the invitations. The wedding party invitations can be purchased, homemade or can be downloaded on the Internet for free. Couple who decide to have a really unique wedding anniversary party can choose homemade ones, but you have to make sure they are elegant and simple. A great idea you can try for homemade invitations is to add a picture of the couple on their wedding day because it will look marvelous. The invitation can be surrounded by rubies, the official stone of the 40th wedding anniversary or by the nasturtium flower which is the official flower for the 40th wedding anniversary party. On the front of the invitations you have to add a message that states the occasion in a special way and in the inside you have to add the details of the party.

40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: forgiftsandcards.co.uk)

40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: forgiftsandcards.co.uk)


Couples who organize their 40th wedding anniversary party have to create an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Some of the most marvelous decorations you can try are flowers because they look pretty amazing. Red, yellow and white nasturtiums are absolutely fabulous and are great decorations you can use. Use most of them in red because they symbolize better a 40th wedding anniversary party. Ruby red balloons are other amazing decorations you can use for your wedding anniversary party because they are elegant and fun. For a special effect, you can create “bunches” of balloons and to wrap ruby red cellophane around them. Add them in the corners of the party room and at the sides of the couple’s table for a fabulous effect. Other fantastic decorations you can use for your wedding anniversary party are ruby red candles because they create an elegant, but romantic atmosphere. Put the red candles in clear glass vases and add them around the flower vases for a really spectacular effect.

40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: birthdaycakesideas.com)

40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: birthdaycakesideas.com)


A 40th wedding anniversary party you can organize some special activities that your guests will certainly love. A great idea you can try is karaoke, especially if your party room has a special area for this activity. It is a very entertainment activity where most of your guests will enjoy participating. Preparing a memory movie for your wedding anniversary party is a really fabulous idea because your guests will enjoy watching the most beautiful memories of your marriage.


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