3D Printing Technology Integrated Into Weddings

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Long gone are the days when we had to work hard to create the wedding cake topper, or when we had to walk around the city for hours, or even days, looking for the perfect wedding dress, or the perfect wedding present. The new technology makes everything look accessible and effortless. Who would have thought a few years ago that all kinds of smart technologies will be just around the corner?

Lately, a new trend entered the wedding world: 3D printing. 3D printers are new generation machines that can make the impossible, possible. They can produce different types of objects in different materials, using only one device. They can produce from plastic toys, ceramic cups, and plates, metallic parts, delicious chocolates and cakes up to (in the near future – usable) body parts. With this type of technology, factory production will be replaced by one machine which can be placed in anyone’s home. The 3D printing idea was possible after a simple observation was made: if looking closely, through a microscope, on a text printed on a page, using the usual and dusty printer anyone has at home, one can observe that in fact, the letters do not impregnate in the paper, but they are sitting slightly on top of the page. Theoretically, if one prints the same text over the same page a thousand of times, the layers of ink will create a 3D model of each letter.

3D printing became a big part of the weddings, making all organizational work much easier. The new technology lovers are passionate about finding innovative ways of making the new printing machines part of one of the most important events of their life.

3D Printed Wedding Ring

Now, the classic engagement/wedding ring can be replaced with a 3D printed one. Even if some do not agree with this technique or do not trust it very much, printing a ring sounds very appealing for the new generation. The days when a man had to save three months’ salary to afford the perfect engagement ring for his lover are long behind. The printed rings can be customized according to their desires. The 3D printers allow anyone to choose their own design: from minimalistic one to a more glamorous one. It all depends on the designer’s imagination. Another great thing is that details can be added to the ring, without spending a huge amount of money on them. Still, do not get us wrong, they are not cheap, but they cost less than the classic gold ring for sure.

3D Printed Wedding Bouquet

The 3D printed wedding bouquet is indeed an innovative and smart way of creating the perfect wedding memory. Depending on the complexity of the design, it can be done in maximum 20 hours. Choosing to go for a “tech wedding bouquet” reassures the future bride that she will be able to create the perfect design for it, the flowers will not wilt and even after a long night of partying, it is going to look as beautiful as in the beginning. It is a lovely solution for the brides that wish their bouquet to last forever, or even pass it down to their children or grandchildren.

3D Printed Wedding Decorations

Whether you want to go for funky flowers, classic arrangements, squares, triangles, circles or any other shape might pop in your mind, 3D printing is the help you need. Just imagine: it is going to save you so much time and energy. There will be no need to go around town to find the perfect florist and the perfect flowers. You will not be stressed that your flowers will not arrive on time. The power will be in your hands. You just need to decide on the colors and find a 3D printer and your problem is solved.

3D Printed Wedding Invitations

Forget all about the old boring cards and simple paper designs. Forget about handwriting or boring models. Create a unique wedding invitation using a 3D printer. Surprise your friends and family members, show your love for your spouse by creating an incomparable design. 3D printing offers you the possibility of choosing the materials, the style and the themes that better suit you. Yet again, the best part of 3D printing is that the wedding invitation will pass the test of time and you will be able to keep it and enjoy it even many years later.

3D Printed Wedding Dress

More and more tech-lovers started to explore 3D printing and, even if it is a new technique, it’s now possible you print your wedding dress. The first 3D dress was printed in 2015 in Shanghai by Xuberance. The gown is extremely elegant and has lots of details. Printing such a dress might take several weeks, but even so, the final result deserves all the waiting. At the moment, Xuberance is the only company which provides such services.

3D Printed Wedding Cake

Who would have thought there will be a day in our lives when we will be able to eat a printed cake? Of course, the process behind such a delicious cake can be complex. In order to create a 3D printed cake, the patisserie needs a Chefjet printer and a lot of time. Whatever cake flavor you have in mind, the patisseries which have the necessary technology should be able to create the delicious desert. Still, it is quite hard (for now) to find a patisserie which provides this service. They are not that common as one would expect.

3D Printed Wedding Cake Toppers

The 3D printed wedding cake toppers become more and more famous each day. Instead of using one of those generic cake toppers, why not make your cake more personal and create one yourself? Nowadays there are lots of 3D selfie studios which specialize even in wedding pictures. It will be so much fun to see a mini-you. That’s just going to be adorable!

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