30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

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Different wedding anniversary have different meaning, specific symbols are associated with the wedding anniversaries. The traditions of giving specific gifts on a specific wedding anniversary dates back in ancient times, the 30th wedding anniversary is associated with pearls, the traditional gift for the 30th is peals, the modern gift is diamond.

The couple who celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary is a role model for the you the younger generations, true love is not outdated, true love still exists and couples are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary as an example that a marriage can last a lifetime.

30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper from thumbs4.ebaystatic.com

If you want to organize a 30th wedding anniversary party, you can organize a retro style party, with vintage decorations, vintage music, the cake should also be special and in harmony with the theme, the cake can be decorated with pearls, the cake topper can also be made from peals and Swarovski crystals, or cubic zirconia imitating diamonds if you cannot afford authentic diamonds for the cake toppers. Peals also have special meaning, white pearls symbolize purity, gold, ivory and black pearls symbolize prosperity and richness. So you can select a white and ivory cake with how many layers you want, two, three, usually a cake with many layers is selected for the wedding day, for the wedding anniversary two layers cake is the most common, for the topper you can select cubic zirconia as a replacement of diamonds, and pearls. You can buy the 30th wedding anniversary cake toppers from many websites; you will find great ideas for the 30th wedding anniversary party, tableware, napkins, invitations, cards, and also a good range of cake decorations for the 30th wedding anniversary. The final touch to any celebrations cake is the ornaments which make them special. A good website where you can find everything you need for a perfect anniversary party is so raise your glasses, from ideas for wedding anniversary gifts, to decorations, invitations, wedding cake decorations and toppers for any type of wedding anniversary.

30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

30th Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper from athome.kimvallee.com

For the 30th wedding anniversary cake you can select the pretty punched metal ivory doves decorated with pearls and little flowers. The cake is often the centerpiece to any celebrations, will catch all the attention of the guests, and often is seen as a piece of art, if you choose the right style and decorations. The 30th wedding anniversary is so special and rare that deserves a unique celebration and with the ideas you can find on many websites you can organize the perfect party for such a special occasion.

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