3 Tier Wedding Cake With Fall Leaves

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A cake with fall symbols on it is perfect for a fall wedding concept. You can choose from lots of fall elements and colors. The cake can be white with brown leaves on it or it can be red with rusty leaf models on the side. Theses leaves can also be made out of marzipan and can be used as a topper or as part of the cake’s design. The leaves can also be drawn on the cake. In the actual leaves you can add your initials or you can choose to have other leaf designs. When choosing the design and style of your cake , your wedding theme  plays a very important part. Your budget also counts because most cakes start at $600 or more. So choosing the right bakery is crucial. If you have some reference from some of your friends, you can try that or you can look up some bakeries online.

You will see lots of cake samples to choose from and of course you can book an appointment with the bakery and have a sample taste. What you decide to use as flavors for the cake is also important. It can contain rum and nuts, cinnamon and vanilla, fruity flavors, chocolate mousse, cream cheese filling and other flavors. You will also receive a catalogue so that you can browse some cake styles. If you love the tiered design you will have to decide if you want the cakes to be all round or if you want different shapes. Usually a tiered wedding cake means that all the pieces are the same shape.

3 Tier Wedding Cake With Fall Leaves

3 Tier Wedding Cake With Fall Leaves (Photo by: Amanda Robinson)

They can have lots of colorful leaves on top or the leaves can be added next to some flowers. These leaves can be done in many ways and can be decorated with all kinds of other sprinkles on top. You should listen to what the baker has to say and then tell him your opinion. These professional can make almost anything out of fondant and other ingredients. So you just need to put your imagination to work and tell them how you have imagined this tiered fall leaf wedding cake.


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