20th Wedding Anniversary

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If this year you and your husband have decided that you won’t spend your money on fancy gifts, you should at least do something special on this day. There are lots of fun things you and your husband can do. If you always wanted to visit some cities in Europe you can take some friends with you and go on a  7 day tour. A cruise might also be a more relaxing choice. It might cots more but if you book it in advance, you might get a good deal. Or if you can’t afford a cruise, you can still go and check into a hotel with some fantastic spa services. You can enjoy some massages and simply unwind.

Choose a location near your town if you don’t want to drive too much and if you just want to be closer to home. For those of you who are seeking adventurous destinations, going scuba diving in Egypt could be a memorable experience for you. You can also enjoy Cancun and its sandy white beaches or Hawaii. But if you have a tight budget this year, staying home can also turn out to be a fun experience. You can prepare a romantic surprise for your wife. This could involve a dinner you cooked and some candles all around the house. An early picnic can also be a great idea especially if you both enjoy the outdoors.

20th Wedding Anniversary

20th Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: ramadaresortkhaolak)

Put some tasty sandwiches in your basket, fruits and ice tea. You can even make your husband’s favorite pie and just spend a few hours of peace and quite. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in spending a wonderful day. Twenty years of marriage is a long time and you should do something different on this special day. Do something you haven’t done in a long time or something different. Try new things like a new restaurant, a new sport, go somewhere, throw a party and be with the people you care about. A casual barbecue or a casual dinner party is also a great idea which will not require a big financial investment from you.


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